About SD Realty Print

PowersPatrickAs a Real Estate agent, I receive all the same catalogs and solicitations that you have. (Trust me, there’s a pile of them on my desk right now).

More often than not, they consist of cookie cutter solutions to individual needs. I thought – there has to be a better way to communicate, and to do so in a manner which promotes my abilities and professionalism.

To find a solution, I applied my marketing experience to the problem, which includes over 25 years experience in promoting causes and political candidates.

Other agents in my office noticed what I was doing – and they asked me to help them with their own print & marketing projects.  And that was the seed that started SD Realty Print.

Because I know I can do better, I came up with answers that throw away the same templates that all the other agents are using.  And I’m not the only one who notes that it’s a better way to go. For example, regarding postcards, Realtor.com notes:

Katie Lance of Inman Next wrote a post last year with 7 great marketing tips for Realtors and she mentioned that clip art and pre-made templates are best avoided. She makes an excellent point. Real people buy homes and they need to see that real people are marketing them too. You want a postcard that could only come from you. The postcards of the past with time change reminders or recipes aren’t effective in today’s world. The most effective postcards are hyperlocal, distinctive, and feature imagery that clearly conveys the message that the Realtor markets and sells great real estate.

Read that here.

Cookie cutter printing is for agents who haven’t put the time into determining how to best market themselves – and those who aren’t in the industry and sell printing, are only glad to take their money.

I want to help my fellow agents do better.

Give me a call at (605) 690-6853 or e-mail me at pat@sdrealtyprint.com.  I’m here to help you with your professional printing needs.